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Parenting Workshop

Parenting can be tough, so can being a child. Our workshops offer new ways to be with your children.


Mental Health

Whether it’s anxiety, depression or coping with day to day life, we’re here to talk.



Losing a loved one can be hard. Get in touch today, you’re not alone.



Relationships can be difficult. With support and understanding we can help you through the tough times.



Supervision is available to schools and counsellors.

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These are some of the client groups we work with, but this is not exhaustive.



Age group 3-17 years old



Adults from 18 years old



Adult Couples



Family workshops available



Group Work & Individual sessions available


We hope to be able to offer our services at your convenience. 


In Person

Face to Face sessions are still available, taking necessary Covid-19 precautions.


Over the phone

If preferred, sessions can be offered via telephone at times to suit you.


Online Video

Using the latest online tech, we can meet clients virtually from the comfort of their homes.

Our Room is conveniently located close to the A249 for ease of access, with parking available.

Meet the Team

The team consists of both Male and Female counsellors; if you have a preference please let us know during your assessment. 

You will be assigned a counsellor based on your needs and the counsellors service levels

All of our counsellors have public liability insurance, are fully qualified with BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists), and are members of the ICO and have recent DBS certificates.

Maria Priddey

Registered Member



Hi I’m Maria,

I completed a four-year diploma qualification in Humanistic Counselling and became a member of the MBACP (Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) the main governing body for Counselling & Psychotherapy in the UK.

I work in an educational and private setting working with clients who suffer with Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Bereavement, Loss, PTSD and many other issues.

My core model of therapy is Person-Centred Therapy, although I am an integrative Counsellor using techniques from other models including Transactional Analysis (TA), Gestalt and Play Therapy.

Judah Racham

Registered Member



Hi I’m Judah,

I have worked with children and families for over 20 years, I have also worked in early years education.

I have studied child development, evidence-based parenting interventions and counselling and psychotherapy, and completed my studies in Humanistic Therapeutic Counselling.

I have worked in a number of child & family-focused roles including social and emotional learning, within schools and other establishments.

I have worked with children and adolescents in mental health units and worked within an inclusions department aimed at preventing school exclusions.

I have ten years of experience delivering successful parenting programmes.

Susan Gale

Registered Member



Hi I’m Susan,

I am an experienced counsellor working with both individuals and couples, helping people to think about, to explore and to resolve all kinds of relationship issues.

My aim is to help you understand the behavioural patterns in your relationship with yourself and others, at times by thinking about the past and how early life experiences and beliefs may be impacting you now.

I will work with you by exploring your unconscious beliefs, values and emotional needs, to help identify what is really important to you. By exploring your current thoughts and feelings you will begin to discover and strengthen your own sense of purpose and identity.

Allison Withers

Registered Member



Hi I’m Allison,

I have a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. There are times when life can be overwhelming and difficult. I provide a safe and supported space where you can explore what is troubling you.

I will listen without judgment and work alongside you to make positive changes in your life.

I have experience in working for Mind and in Secondary Education.

Sophia Love

Registered Member



Hi there, I’m Sophia

I am a trainee person-centred counsellor here at MP Counselling Services. I offer counselling for adults as a student member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) at a reduced rate.

I have achieved a level two qualification in counselling skills, a level three qualification in counselling studies and an undergraduate degree in psychology with counselling. I am currently studying for a diploma in therapeutic counselling.

I place you at the heart of the work we complete together; you may use our safe and confidential space to explore whichever aspects of your life are important to you. Life can be difficult; we rarely sail through the storms with ease. You may encounter feelings of anxiety, depression, grief, fear, and loneliness to name a few. We can explore these feelings together to develop an understanding of the relationship you have with yourself and the significant others in your life. I will listen without judgement as I walk alongside you on your journey towards growth and fulfilment wherever the destination may be.

I also offer emotional support for key stage two students across three of our local primary schools and work for the mental health charity Mind as a wellbeing coach.

I may be of interest if you are seeking a young counsellor with an empathetic understanding of the challenges that arise in contemporary society.

Sophie Wilson

Registered Member



Hi, I’m Sophie.  

I’m a trainee person-centred counsellor and have achieved a Level 2 and Level 3 Certificate in counselling.  I am currently studying towards my Level 4 Diploma in therapeutic counselling. I also work as a mental health crisis recovery worker, offering emotional support.  

This year, I will be able to offer Counselling as a student member of the British Association for counselling and psychotherapy (BACP).  

At some point in all our lives, we can find ourselves stuck in a place that is uncomfortable or difficult to navigate. This can leave us feeling so many different things; anxious, depressed, and lonely, to name a few.  I will be right there with you, to really listen, understand and support you. 

 I believe that we are the experts in our own lives. I will place you at the centre of the work we do together, and I can offer you your autonomy to explore, in a safe and non-judgemental environment. ​When you start to understand how you respond to yourself, the people, and the world around you, it unlocks the possibility for self-acceptance, confidence, and an overall compassionate relationship with yourself.

It only takes a minute to get in touch

We’ll give you a call back to discuss your options and support you along the right path.


Myself and my partner have just completed a course of couple counselling with Maria Priddey and we wanted to provide some feedback to be shared for those considering seeing Maria.

Maria instantly made myself and my partner feel so at ease and we built such an amazing relationship and rapport with her during a daunting and challenging time during our life.

We came to Maria with our relationship in a desperate place. We couldn’t see a way forward for us as a couple despite knowing we loved each other and wanting to be together for our child but also for ourselves.

Maria helped us see why we were where we were and realise why we truly wanted to be together. She armed us with a different way of thinking about the other persons behaviour and adopt a more positive way to respond to that behaviour. This enabled us to break the cycle of the negative spiral of arguments and resentment.

I think we can honestly say Maria enabled us to save our relationship and get us back on track. We now feel like the old us again and are looking at wedding destinations! Thank you Maria for changing our lives and the life of our child too, life is so good again and it’s down to you xx
I am writing to inform you of my deep satisfaction of the counselling I have been given over the last six months by the lovely Maria. She has shown such understanding and patience, I am very appreciative of the sessions and the way they were conducted.

I feel Maria has helped me through this difficult time to leave me feeling much more confident about myself and the future.
When I sought out CBT I was really feeling I had reached crisis point and was stuck with how to move past all of the difficult things that were going on for me. I had such negative feelings about myself and my ability to handle the stress and pressure of everything and I really couldn't cope. I have only had 6 virtual sessions with Maria but she has helped me to literally change my life.

It sounds silly because the same things are still going on, I am still under the same amount of stress and pressure, but my life feels changed because my thoughts and feelings have changed. I feel able to cope. I feel able to understand my thoughts and share them, and then to navigate my feelings. I am so much better at seeing the positives and strengths and choosing to be happy. So, thank you so much Maria, Its been so worthwhile and I will be grateful for these skills for life.

Kindest regards and endless thanks
My daughter aged 9 has attended sessions at MP Counselling not only because of worries about the pandemic but also about other personal worries and concerns. She found the sessions very helpful and Judah supported her to accept her feelings and encouraged her to find outlets for these – better out than in! As a result, she now speaks more freely about how she is feeling and is more sure of who she is and what is important to her. She liked that the sessions were informal and that it didn’t feel prescriptive.

I would highly recommend this process for anyone whose child is having a difficult time, even if they have support at home. It really helps to have another person, who is objective, that they can talk to and have guidance from.

“He helped with what I had been worried about and helped me feel better about it.”

“I felt like he was just someone who was listening - it wasn’t obvious that he was being a counsellor in the session.”

“He let me do whatever I wanted (creatively) and he was really nice.”

I have had counselling previously for anxiety, however, my sessions with Maria have been much more meaningful and helpful. Her approach is very understanding, neutral, and entirely focussed on helping an individual understand themselves better. She is very adaptable and flexes her ‘in-room’ approach easily depending on what her client needs in any given session.

I have been particularly grateful for her gentle encouragement and patience over the last year or so.

Maria has helped me to view my approach to life (and myself) differently and this has enabled me to gradually make real-life changes that will last a lifetime. I cannot speak highly enough of her and can highly recommend the service.
My experience of having Maria as my counsellor has been amazing. When I first met her, I was riddled with anxiety, panic and depression and I could not see a way out. Over the years I have attended many different counselling services, but by far this has been the best intervention that I have had. Maria is professional, non judgemental and caring. Maria has enabled me to focus on myself and rationalise my thoughts, instead of getting angry at myself for feeling how I was feeling.

I have completed CBT in the past, but I felt like I needed a re fresh, therefore Maria referred me to Susan Gale who is highly trained in CBT which was very beneficial, as it was in the same location where I felt comfortable. After I finished my CBT, I went back to Maria for closing sessions which prepared me for the end of my journey. I cannot thank Maria and Susan enough, and if I ever feel that I need this service again, I would feel comfortable to ask for further support.






Concession pricing available, contact us to discuss.

Unfortunately, funding options are no longer available from ACTS 435; due to the retirement of our great friends Pastors Rob and Davina from Sittingbourne Family Church. We would like to thank Pastors Rob and Davina for the countless number of people they’ve helped with funding over the years. 

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